Gold Coin

What we offer!

  • A white label blockchain product including wallet, trading platform, full administration and Apps for Android and Apple.
  • Two languages as standard. The product will be in English and one other language (e.g., Russian, Kyrgyz, etc.), and is according to the newest blockchain technology programmed inclusive all necessary public verifications.
  • Reliable hosting, IT services, and technical support.
  • A fully supported digital marketplace, tightly integrated with all primary sources of the programmatic demand and supply chain.
  • Machine learning, predictive algorithms, and big data analytics.
  • Cutting-edge content personalisation that allows organisations to configure product to their needs.
  • Our Product uses artificial intelligence and powerful machine learning-based techniques.


Special features

Unique features requested such as APIs, different modules, etc., will be offered and are not included in the initial price.


Provided that the training takes place on our premises, it will be cost-free (duration 2 – 3 working days). If we must fly staff to a client’s country, the travel expense will be charged separately.

Maintenance and Furtherance of Software

If the client does not wish to use only its programmers, we can provide the necessary support for server maintenance, data maintenance, the furtherance of the software (adapted to new requirements), changes, etc. Such service agreement must be worked out separately, as we do not know the needs of the client.



Inclusive assessment

Phase 1

Approx. 4 weeks upon completion of preliminary adjustments for a client.

Phase 2

Approx. 8 weeks, handing over and installation of the system, as well as successful initial testing

Time estimated: upon signing the agreement and receipt of down-payment approx. 45 – 60 days.

Additional costs for third parties are also not included in the price (e.g., project management).


Time estimated: upon signing the agreement and receipt of down-payment approx. 45 – 60 days.

Additional costs for third parties are also not included in the price (e.g., project management).


Technical Details

  • a:  We use a popular, open-source blockchain platform
  • b:  A blockchain is a distributed, secure, immutable, verifiable transaction log.  That is all it is.   Applications built on-top of the blockchain provide for creating those transactions. 
  • c:  We can create a new blockchain on at least 3 nodes using a coin name that the customer defines, and up to 1 flat currency.  i.e:  EUR, CAD, USD, RUB, …   
  • e:  We use a weighted round-robin trust mechanism for validating blocks. so there is no proof-of-work requirement. 
  • f:  Blockchains can be private, where you can control which nodes can connect.
  • g:  Blockchain administrators can issue more coin for distribution or remove coin from distribution at any time.  To remove coin from distribution those coins must have been transferred to a central account.
  • h:  When modeling transactions in flat currency, we can log the exchange of flat currency for coin, along with deposits and withdrawals of flat currency.
  • i:  Multiple applications can be connected to a single blockchain, with an authorization mechanism.
  • j:  We provide a thorough, secure REST API for building applications on top of the blockchain (YourCoin-REST). 
  • k:  We allow basic metadata to be attached to every coin transfer, that can later be reviewed
  • l:  We use a popular, secure open-source application platform as our base for our exchange platform
  • m:  We provide a web based exchange platform that is secure, mobile-ready, extremely brandable, customizable, translatable, and speedy.
  • n:  The exchange platform provides extensive abilities for KYC, and GDPR management
  • o:  The exchange platform provides for extensive user and transaction administration and management.
  • p:  The exchange platform provides users the ability to optionally trade coins with a powerful automatic trading engine.
  • q:  We have a flexible mechanism to allow users to transfer funds or buy coins using a third party payment gateway such as Paypal.  (More custom development may be required).
  • r:  We have a flexible and extendible fee mechanism, allowing fees to be taken off of user deposits, or withdrawals.
  • s:  Users can transfer coin to other users, or use coin to pay for goods and services through authorized vendors and more…

Why choose our gold framework?

  • A blockchain-based platform that uses gold digital assets, 100% backed by delivery futures or physical gold.
  • Transparent, fast, and secure payment tool.
  • Gold is one of the oldest and most stable assets people around the world have been trading with for centuries.
  • Can be certified in compliance with the ancient Islamic rules called Shari’ah.
  • Also, it can be regulated by rules imposed on financial operations in the Islamic world.
  • It is a blockchain based on intrinsic value, which makes it totally secure for the end user.